Will You Be Happy for Me If I Let My Hair Turn Grey?

It’s time to decide because I​ can’t keep plucking grey hair.

I​ found my first grey hair when I was 25 years old. At first, I thought it was just a little blonde shining through my dark brunette strands. I smiled to myself as I plucked it out. My sister is blonde; aww, there’s a part of her amongst my deep brown mane.

But to my horror, as I looked closer, I realized it was actually a shiny silvery strand of tinsel-like hair.

A grey hair!

A​ rush of anxiety swelled through my chest and up to my scalp. I didn’t think of myself as the age of grey. I figured I had at least 20 years before I would see these silver strands.

O​f course, I was way off. I feverishly googled “age of first grey hair” and found that the answer varied immensely. Then, my hypochondria kicked in and I thought I must be ill. Why would I be greying at 25 years old?!

Something has to be wrong with me.


I​ was fine. Nothing was wrong with me, and I wasn’t alone in my discovery. Many of the articles noted that people don’t even notice their grey hair until later in life. Most think that they found their first grey when it has been hiding-out all along.

I was able to see mine clearly…because of my brunette hair.

Should I Color My Hair?

A​s I became used to the idea that at 25 I was starting to go grey, I considered dying my hair for the first time in my life.

I hear you.

Because you found one strand? Are you kidding me?

No, I was vain and, yes, ridiculous. I even asked my sister to comb through my hair looking for any other unwelcome grey guests.

I​’m now 36 years old, and I look back on my reaction and understand why I was so scared. It was a sign that I was not going to be young forever.

At 25, I thought I was still immortal. The shiny tinsel proved me wrong and now I was a 25-year-old with a grey hair.

That single grey hair was life tapping me on the shoulder. It had something to say, “You are an adult and you are aging, but don’t stress. I’m just gonna hang back here and let you keep living. Just don’t forget, this is your one life. It won’t last forever.

Maintenance of My Grey Hairs

T​hat year I maintained a total of three bright silver greys by plucking them out as soon as they resurfaced. I knew where they were and made sure to tweeze as soon as they came back.

I was obsessive about checking my mane from different angles, in certain lighting. I wanted to make sure that someone who might be sitting behind me, in the sun (at a 90-degree angle), wouldn’t see a single grey hair that I might have missed.

I even upgraded the lighting in my bathroom. I installed mirrors at different angles and became even more flexible as I studied different sections of my hair. I know, I know…but hear me out…

My Vanity and How Much It Costs

Part of it was vanity, and the rest of it was about money. Do you know how much it costs to color your hair and how often you have to color it in order to keep your roots from shining through? It’s outrageous. I mean, I am seriously going to have to budget and cut out other expenses (maybe fast food). Hmmm, this could be good for me.

According to an estimate on Thumbtack,

“The average price for hair coloring and highlights is $60-$130.”

And that’s for ONE session! Now, depending on hair color, it can be easier to stretch it out a but longer. But I was blessed with my mom’s gorgeously dark, and fast growing hair. For her, it’s about once a month. Ok, so I certainly don’t eat out that much.

Because I have extremely long hair, I am going to assume it would cost over $100 each time. You do the math.

Ok, I’ll do it for you:

💸It will cost me approximately $1,200 a year to color my hair. 💸

I wonder: If I was a model could I write that off at the end of the year?

Anywho, those three, easily-maintained, grey hairs turned into seven, seven turned into seventeen and the floodgates have opened.

T​he thing is, I think the silvery greys are quite beautiful. I won’t be a peppery grey like my Gamgam. I will be a shiny silvery siren. 😍

I don’t feel old when I see them anymore, and I’ve become curious about how I will look when I am completely grey. It’s time for me to decide.

I knew this day would come.

Now, when I pull back a chunk of my hair and see a small field of greys waving at me, I know I can’t keep up anymore. I’ve put the decision off for as long as I can.

I’ve saved $13,200 over the past 11 years. Not too shabby.

My Final Answer

I​’ve never colored my hair. I’ve never even had highlights, lowlights or jumped on the ombre bandwagon. My hair is soft and long, and I’ve always felt that it is one of my best qualities. I’ve always been proud of it.

I​’ve never wanted it to be anything different than what it is. So, why change that now?

B​ecause I am afraid of society knowing that I am aging?

Am I afraid my friends will judge me? My husband won’t love me?

What if I just own it?

What if I take the grey and turn it into something more beautiful than an expensive dye job?

I won’t let myself go just because my hair is changing. I AM changing. And it’s ok. It’s a part of life, it’s beautiful, and my money can be spent on more important things…like Panera Bread. JK. 😆

But honestly, that’s how I’m looking at it.

The jig is up, folks. It isn’t just my hair, it’s the laugh lines and smile lines too. I feel more embarrassed to try to hide it than just letting those silver strands shine through. It’s me.

S​o, will you be happy for me if I decide to let the grey do its thing or will you look at me in disgust?

What if it isn’t even my choice and I simply cannot afford it? You don’t know that, but instead of scorning me for embracing myself, think of the price tag!

Will you look at my insta and see a beautiful woman who decided to let her authenticity shine through because she likes how it looks and makes her feel?

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