Why I got Fired From VIPKid (And Rehired)

The answer to the burning question: can I reapply to VIPKid?

I loved working for VIPKID, they were the first company I taught for. I became extremely attached to the students I was fortunate to teach.

I worked for VIPKID for only a few months and since then, I have moved on to work with other companies. I’ve learned so much about the ESL industry and the quirks of the different companies available for passionate teachers.

During my third month at VIPKID, I became ill and had to cancel many classes over the course of the month. They were quite understanding for the most part, but eventually, my account went under review.

What happens when VIPKID puts your account under review?

Most likely you will know it’s coming.

VIPKID has a 6-cancellation limit. That means if you are not granted “soft” or “medium” cancellations, and you tally up to 6 total you will be at risk for termination.

Note: VIPKID allows more than 3 cancellations in one BJT day to count as 2, and less than 3 to count as one.

It won’t be long (about a day or two) before you receive an email from VIPKID that states the following:

Dear teacher

Please note that the number of cancellations on your record exceeds the maximum amount according to our Teacher Practices and our agreement with you.

Your agreement with VIPKID is currently being reviewed.

Important: this is not a termination notice. However it does mean you are currently off the booking system temporarily. But please don’t panic, here’s what you need to know:

VIPKID will provide a decision on your review within 14 working days

If you have classes booked, we’d highly appreciate that you still teach them — cancelling classes may result in termination of the Agreement in accordance with the termination clause in the Agreement.

If you have any information regarding your recent cancellations, please let us know as soon as possible.

We are working hard to make sure not to terminate the agreement unfairly, which is why we are thoroughly reviewing your situation.

In the meantime, we will highly suggest you NOT TO:

Mention your review to any parents/students as it creates unnecessary concern

Discuss your review in the VIPKID forums or social channels

Either of the above may negatively impact this review

Please DO:

Open a ticket with any information that may be useful to us

Thank you for your cooperation in this process, and we hope to have your situation resolved as soon as possible.

Kind regards

VIPKID Education

I received this email two times throughout my time at VIPKID, and it is extremely important to know that you WILL be blocked from booking future classes immediately. However, they do expect you to continue to teach the classes already booked, and remain quiet about your review process as to not create concern.

The great thing about this, is they work with you during this time. This is the time to apply for any soft or medium cancellations that you did not apply for in the future. It’s a time to apologize and let them know what steps you have taken to prevent future cancelations. In my situation, it was difficult to guarantee that I would not cancel, and eventually, I ended up receiving this same email a second time with a very different outcome.

After a few days, my account was reinstated (the first time) and I was able to go forward with booking new classes.

The second time I received the email, I was frustrated, perhaps this was warranted, perhaps not. I had been in and out of the hospital and just plain old exhausted from juggling teaching, being sick, and applying for the soft and medium cancellations without revealing my personal information to a foreign company. So, instead of spending time working with them, I canceled my remaining classes and focused on another company.

I felt it was unfair to affect my future bookings when my income depended on them. So, at the time, I did what I had to while they made their decision.

They then quickly terminated my contract.

I was a very good teacher, over 100 5-apple reviews! I loved the job and didn’t really expect to get terminated, even though I knew my cancellations were excessive (for a good reason).

I tried to appeal a few times but they were firm on the decision, unless I would provide more documentation, which I was not comfortable doing.

So I Moved On

I taught with three other companies for a while, and my health improved. I tried again to get back in with VIPKID and they wouldn’t take me back. I missed the kids, the community, and the regular bookings. I loved working for such a well-known, and respected, ESL company. This was my career, and I wanted to be in with the ESL giant.

VIPKID Rehired Me after They Fired Me

While growing within some of the newer companies I was working for, I made the decision to do my best to get back on board with VIPKID. Appealing the termination was not working, and I had not yet heard of Teacher Voice (a last-ditch contact teachers can use to appeal appeals or something), so I just reapplied…with a new email address.

I was rehired within two weeks and was fully booked again within a month. I never mentioned my past with them, and just went through the application process tight-lipped about the whole thing. I learned a lot by going through the process again and, in a way, I’m glad I was terminated.

Yes, I had to start over with certifications and ratings, but it didn’t take long at all. This time, I was healthier and wiser! I didn’t certify for programs I had hated, I didn’t overdo the bookings during times of the year I knew I would be ill, and this time, I took the soft cancelation application process more seriously and took advantage of it each time I needed to.

I don’t work for VIPKID as often as I used to, but I still recommend them for those looking to start their work from home ESL company careers. It’s the most organized, stable, and focused company out there!

Have questions? Want to chat about teaching ESL online? Book a call!

If you are interested in applying to VIPKID you can apply here by using my referral link. I will receive a one time bonus if you are hired. I’m here to help if you have questions!

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