Uncover The Real Reason You Keep Job Jumping

And stop the vicious cycle

If you’ve found yourself in the vicious cycle of jumping from one job to another, whether it’s because you keep getting fired or you’re just fed up, it’s time to stop—like dead in your tracks.

I think it was Albert Einstein that said,

“Doing the same thing over and over and expecting new results is the definition of insanity.”

Albert Einstein

It can be useful to try again when you’ve failed at something you are passionate about. Eventually, you are bound to get it right.

But, if what you’re doing over and over again isn’t something that lights a fire in your belly, it’s time to move on to better things….

…things that your true-self (or as I like to call it, your inner child) are good at, and that brings light to your life.

Your Social-Self

Many people, especially women, feel as though they should be following a path. They feel like they should be hitting certain milestones throughout their life to be happy.

Things like:

  • College graduation
  • The perfect job
  • Engagement after exactly two years of dating
  • The dream wedding
  • A baby a year later

But here’s the thing…once you’ve hit that milestone, you look forward to the next one. It keeps your mind busy, and you feel as though you have a purpose, when in fact, you are merely filling a void left by the fact that you are not pursuing a meaningful life on your own terms.

So, what happens when you’ve hit that last milestone, whatever it is, and you don’t have another social milestone to reach for?

Some call it a mid-life crisis, but I think your mind and body are facing that emptiness you’ve been avoiding this entire time.

Regardless, if you are standing at the precipice, or if you are simply at the beginning of the social path you believe you should be fulfilling, you can stop the madness by coming back home to your inner child.

Your Inner Child is Unhappy

Job-jumping, in many cases, is your inner child screaming out-disconnected and dissatisfied with your regimented career path.

Remember when you were asked over and over as a child,

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Think back to the last time someone asked you that, and what your initial response was.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go back to that career choice, because let’s face it, you are much more informed about the “real” world and job opportunities than you used to be.

But I do want you to remember who that little girl was, and peel back the layers of why you wanted that job.

  • Was it because you saw your parents in those roles?
  • Did you want to be a veterinarian because you loved animals?
  • Did you play grocery store because you loved setting up the store and pretending to talk with customers?

There are hidden gems in that little girl’s thought-process. Going back to that question can help you begin to uncover who you really are.

Society has silenced the people we were as children.

And social media has not helped the situation-but that’s a post for another day.

We’ve fallen in line and lost ourselves in the process of “growing up.”

You Are Normal

There’s nothing wrong with changing careers.

Because you don’t always know what you don’t like until you try it, right?

That’s why 17 & 18-year-olds struggle. They are told they must choose an education when they’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg of possibilities ahead.

Unfortunately, making a quick decision can cost them a lot of time and money. It puts them in debt before they even know who they are or how to contribute their gifts to society.

Most people change careers quite a few times in their life. Some sources will tell you the average person changes their job 12 times …… and it’s no wonder!

Millennials and Xennials were bombarded with college choices and threats like,

“Go to college now, or you’ll never go.”

So they (we) committed to something we were never going to be committed to.

Now we aren’t content…and maybe we’ve hit all the milestones. So now what?

You’re Not Alone

If you were an undecided student 10–15 years ago…you are in good company, and just know, you can stop the cycle and pivot.

Yes, for real.

But first, you need to remember who your inner child is, and then you can transform.

Have you ever marveled at the fact that wildflowers find their way through the middle of a concrete sidewalk? It’s because that sidewalk is unnatural, and the wildflower belongs there.

No matter what, nature will take back what was hers.

And that is why you keep job-jumping. It’s your nature, your inner child…calling you back home.

So, listen, and try to remember who you once were. Consider what you’ve learned since then, and start to break the cycle.

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Writer | Oiler | Nature Lover | Goatherd | Authenticity & Intentional Living Coach for Women

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