She Should Wear Less Makeup

It came out of nowhere.

We were watching The Masked Singer the other night, and the camera was zooming in on Jenny McCarthy.

Everytime I see her, I think about her long career and how perky and funny she is. I admire her in a way, but not too much of course.

She was a playboy bunny and Santa’s daughter!

Not to mention married to Donnie Wahlberg…plus she’s stunning. Love her.

Suddenly, my husband’s voice breaks my jealous thought process with

She should wear less makeup.

He said it out loud and not for any particular reason. Almost as if he was just making a note. He didn’t even look at me when he said it. He just kept eating his pizza and watching the Monster belt out, “Stay With Me.”

At first I felt defensive.

How does he have any right to say that? He has no idea what it’s like to be a woman, let alone a woman in showbusiness.

My initial reaction surprised me. This wasn’t who I was. Deep down I’m a braless, brazen, barefoot, warrior women who thinks men should be taxed because we have to buy tampons.

But then I felt grateful for his comment. I realized I had heard him say this quite a few times over the course of our 11-year relationship. In fact, I have heard other men say this quite often too.

I think Jenny looks fantastic and doesn’t need to do a thing, by the way. But I also feel as though I fall short when compared to someone like her…in the looks department.

This isn’t about Jenny, though. It’s about how we, as women, measure ourselves against the women we see in the media.

Why is it so important that we model ourselves after these women when the men in our lives don’t care for all the makeup anyway?

I’m happily married.

Yes, for real.

I can openly talk with my husband about attractive women and not get jealous…anymore.

So I asked him, “Wait, why do you say that?”

He stopped chewing and said, well all I can see is makeup. It must take a putty knife to get it all off at the end of the day. I bet she’s beautiful under all of that too. I wish we could just see what she really looks like.

So, the makeup was distracting to him and it made him wonder what she looks like without it.

Now, I am no makeup artist, but I had to wonder, does it even matter when I put on my makeup?

Sometimes it feels like I spend hours perfecting my eyeliner.

Heck, I even do “trial runs” a day before I know I am going out. Needless to say, it isn’t ever as perfect as it was during the trial run.

Who am I trying to impress when I know my husband sees me day in and day out without the makeup?

It’s everyone else, and their expectations of me. Or what I believe their expectations of me to be.

It’s not mens’ responsibility to let us know that they don’t need all of that. But wouldn’t it be nice to hear that statement more?

So, women of the world…my husband said it. Less is more in his eyes, oh and Jenny, my husband wants to see your beautiful face without makeup. ❤️

Let’s be friends…

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