Secrets to getting VIPKID Bookings Fast

I was fully booked within a month of being hired by VIPKID using these simple tips and tricks.

Create an Attractive Profile

Make sure you put your qualifications are at the forefront of your profile. This is one of the most important aspects of your teacher bio. Don’t skimp here.

Ask How You’ve Been Labeled

Parents can sort through teachers based on education and teaching tags.

Open All of Your Slots…and TEACH!

This is super painful at first, I’ll admit, but there are so many students that you are bound to get new students fast if you’re schedule is wide open!

Personalize Your Feedback

It can be hard to take the time to personalize your feedback if you are taking on too many classes too soon, but this is extremely important if you want to build a regular student base. Your teaching job is your freelancing business…your students and their parents are your clients and they want to be treated as though they are special to you.

Use the Gift System

This is my BIGGEST secret to getting recurring bookings and driving the regulars I want back to me. VIPKID has implemented a way to communicate directly with your students through the ability to send a “gift.” This is basically an e-card. You can choose from free ecards or pay for special ones with tokens you earn through challenges, and 5-apple rewards (among other things).

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