Authentically Establish Rapport in Your Sales Page

Without Sounding Slimy

When writing your sales page, it’s gotta be all about the client and where they are in their journey.

And when you change your mindset about how to write about your products or services, and flip it to 100% client-centered, you’ll naturally cut the sleaze and become more credible (and bookable).

What’s more, leaving most of the rapport building to the Introduction Section of your copy will cut down on the urge to promote yourself rather than the problem you’re solving for your future clients.

And, as a side note, when you write About Me pages and other sections of copy, the main focus should always be on the customer…with your backstory woven in, of course.

There’s always a place and time to show your education, expertise, and background, but if you just list it off like everyone else, it can appear as though you’re defending your credibility…and it just gets skimmed over.

Social Proof

One of the most powerful ways to build rapport with potential clients is to show proof of the quality relationships you’ve already built with past clients (or friends and family you’ve helped).

With permission, take screenshots of praise from emails, social media, and feedback you’ve gotten from successful coaching clients.

These unprompted pats-on-the-back are powerful credibility and rapport-building tidbits to sprinkle throughout your entire sales page.

If you’re working on web copy, simply create a page titled Praise or Testimonials and include all your favorites.

Bonus: When you’ve got imposter syndrome or you’re having a bad day, come to this page to remind yourself that you’re good at what you do!

Testimonials as a Rapport Building Tool

Testimonials and social proof are nearly the same thing.

But I’ve separated them here because I like to think of testimonials as an intentional collection of feedback from happy clients.

In other words, add feedback and testimonial collection to the end of your product or service as a natural way to touch base with your client about how you helped them.

For example, simply ask for feedback through a survey or a simple email. Then, with permission, include these glowing testimonials on your sales page or testimonial page.

Keep all your praises in a special folder to grab from whenever you need them, or to boost your confidence!

At first, sales pages can be uncomfortable to write.

But once you focus on a client-centered approach to the elements of your sales copy, you’ll naturally come across as authentic to your dream clients.

Originally published at on October 30, 2020.

Writer | Oiler | Nature Lover | Goatherd | Authenticity & Intentional Living Coach for Women

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