Asteroid Flies by Earth and Briefly Makes Us Contemplate Our Mortality

On February 4th, 2018 an asteroid didn’t even come close to making impact with the earth, but boy was I worried.

While our local radio station warned us to prepare for the highlight of the year — aka Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl half-time show — NASA was watching something much more significant.

We were getting ready to grill out and perform our ritual pre-gaming activites, yes in the Wisconsin winter — what can I say we are die-hards — when our favorite local radio station hyped us up for the super bowl half-time show and followed with a brief mention of an asteroid that NASA has been eyeing for the past 14 years.

My husband and I shot each other one of those, “Whoa…what?” looks and immediately wondered why we hadn’t heard much about this.

Of course, we took to our technology and googled “February 2018 asteroid.” Sure enough, CBS News reported:

NASA stated that asteroid 2002 AJ129, is classified as a “Potentially Hazardous Asteroid” (PHA) but poses no threat to Earth for at least another century.

My Husband Was Worried About The Asteroid

Sheer terror. He buys into fear mongering big time. He is always worried about meteors, doomsday, aliens, and apparently now asteroids. Dateline and 20/20 are completely out.

His immediate questions consisted of, “Will we see the asteroid, will we hear it, and are they sure?”

Which brought to mind the biggest question I had (the ever-skeptical conspiracy theorist), “Is there something they didn’t tell us?”

It crossed my mind that perhaps they — whoever they is — decided to keep the truth from us and direct our attention to Justin Timberlake and the Super Bowl to avoid looting and chaos.

So, we stepped away from pre-gaming to take a brief stroll in the 5-degree Wisconsin wilderness and peered up into the sky waiting for….something.

Well, as you may have guessed nothing happened. As stated, the asteroid has come and gone without pomp and circumstance, but we couldn’t help but allow ourselves to imagine how we would feel if we had been in danger.

All those things we worry about…

…are completely insignificant. I know, I know…money and health, and retirement, and The Bachelorette. The fact is, we all know we all die at some point, whether that is today or 30 years from now, and when that time comes what has our anxiety done for us?

There are so many insignificant events happening all around us that some of our worries really seem pointless. As society got all riled up over J.T. singing with deceased singer/songwriter, Prince, there were literally doomsday balls flying right over our heads in the form of asteroids, and I would say the majority of the population had no idea. Sure, we weren’t in danger, but sometimes isn’t it important to understand how small we are in the scheme of things and consider the bigger picture?

Or, are these small “insignificant” things so important to us because we can’t accept our own mortality? Either way, there has to be a happy medium, right?

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