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You didn’t know it the first time you saw him, mostly because you didn’t even know it was a him…but you didn’t know you’d fall in love with a mean rooster.

As a chick, he was the first to run to your hand, sometimes quizzically studying your jewelry and pecking and your rings.

He made you laugh, until….he made you cry, with his first crow.

You knew you bought straight-run chicks, but deep down inside you were actually hoping for a clutch of pullets. …

The 3 best fertility tracking apps for women who want to get pregnant naturally

My husband and I have been married for nearly five years, and we didn’t jump on the baby train right away.

Unlike many newly married couples in our demographic, we decided we wanted to enjoy our marriage for awhile…just the two of us.

So, at 37-years-young, I’m just starting my fertility journey.

One night, over steak and potatoes and a bottle of wine, my hubby expressed that he was ready to grow our family and fill our old farmhouse with little ones.

A feeling of excitement rushed through me, which was surprising because I hadn’t ever experienced baby fever before.

Without Sounding Slimy

When writing your sales page, it’s gotta be all about the client and where they are in their journey.

And when you change your mindset about how to write about your products or services, and flip it to 100% client-centered, you’ll naturally cut the sleaze and become more credible (and bookable).

What’s more, leaving most of the rapport building to the Introduction Section of your copy will cut down on the urge to promote yourself rather than the problem you’re solving for your future clients.

And, as a side note, when you write About Me pages and other sections of…

So you can get through it during a job search

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Not many people love their jobs, and enjoying it every day is probably unrealistic, but you shouldn’t hate your job.

And I’m not saying that so you feel like you should change who you are, and how you view your job because you shouldn’t be miserable.

But what I am saying, is that you should think about re-evaluating where you are in your career journey so you can get unstuck from a job you hate.

No one should dread every day at work.

Whether it’s a coworker you can’t deal with, ethics in the workplace, a control freak boss, or…

Is it possible to completely detach yourself from the society you live in

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

I’d love to be able to check out of everything going on in the United States, put my hands up and say, “Hey, don’t look at me.”

Because I tried having a voice, I tried listening with an open mind, I tried standing up for others, and what I thought was right.

But, to be honest, I just couldn’t handle taking what I was dishing out (especially on social media).

I’d write something thoughtful, helpful, and polarizing, and minutes later I’d remove my post for fear of getting torn apart by the loudest people on social media.

Because it’s happened…

It depends on this one simple thing

Photo by Kristin Brown on Unsplash

Nothing makes you feel more alive than teaching children all over the world…from your home.

Even through some of the most challenging classes, you know that what you’re doing is making a difference in a child’s life, and it makes your heart full.

So, if you’re like me, you want to make this passion a full-time gig that will support you and your family.

Can You Teach ESL Online Full-Time?

Well, in short, you certainly can. In fact, I did it for about a year and while it wasn’t the easiest job, I made it work…because, well, I had to.

At first, ESL online was just…

The horrible process that took a month to complete

I’ve owned goats here and there throughout my life, and I’ve only recently fallen head-over-heels in love with them. In other words, I’m now committed to growing a healthy, beautiful, herd of Boer goats. So when goat lice showed up on my farm, I wanted to find a way to naturally treat goats for lice…if at all possible.

But here’s the thing…I make many mistakes when I add a new animal to my farm. Because no matter how much I read, nothing can hold a candle to real experience.

So when my goats got lice for the first time, I…

Should we be concerned about how coronavirus may affect asthmatic?

As a lifelong asthma sufferer, I immediately grew concerned about how the coronavirus might affect my asthma.

Asthmatics contend with the flu, seasonal allergies, and other triggers daily. In fact, our bodies require us to be careful, and tactical about our health…moreso than most.

It’s no secret to a severe asthmatic that we have more to be concerned with than those without lung disease…the same flu virus may be a mere nuisance to someone with healthy lungs, but to an asthmatic, it could be lethal.

So, when the coronavirus news broke, that same familiar asthma-flare up fear struck me, and…

The time to start prepping was yesterday

Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

The coronavirus has us all a little nervous, well, at least those of us who like to plan ahead. But maybe you’ve put the prepping off thinking you’ve got time.

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, and when it comes to prepping your homestead…better late than never.

So, I’ve put together this guide to help you organize your thoughts and get the bare essentials taken care of so you can start building your safety net at home.

What is the Difference Between Prepping and Homesteading?

There’s really no concrete definition to either of these terms, but many will tell you that prepping is more extreme…

Bring your farm online

There comes a time in every homesteader’s journey when they realize there’s a profit to be made, but… to make a profit, you have to get your farm website up and running.

And I say this all the time, so excuse me if I’m a broken record, but farms are businesses and whether you started your journey dreaming of a profitable farm, or it just kinda happened that way, it’s time to get serious about your marketing.

And in 2020, that means you need a farm website.

It may sound like quite the undertaking, and believe-you-me, I know you’re plenty…

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